Main projects

System C4ISR with brand C2SYS.
  • See brochure - CSBC Company Profile
Battle radio communication system for MO SR.
  • See brochure - CSBC Company Profile
Live simulation system:.
  • - balistic simulation system for tanks and APCs
  • - tactical simulation system for mechanized units
  • - See brochure - CSBC Company Profile
C4ISR with MIP.
  • - for staffs
  • - for tactical units (company, platon)
  • - See brochure - CSBC Company Profile
Dismounted soldier / Stanag 4677.
  • - be added
Chemical reconnaissance equipments.
  • - See brochures - CSBC SoD a CSBC ABRA
Thermal cameras.
  • - be added
Shelter comunication centrals for OS SR MSU-V1.
  • We created Container comunication central fitted with special army switching technology and computer systems. Global resolution is high advance system with IT technology. We did 25% of solution.
Transport boxes IP44
  • We created special transport boxes IP44.
Furniture for airport Dubai, UAE.
  • We developed special furniture for airports, consoles and training centres.
GPS central watches for airport Dubai, UAE
Electronic consoles for training centre in Budapest, Hungary.